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Stefano Bellezza joins American WHO

July 20, 2025

We gladly welcome Stefano into the AmWHO family! In his own words:

A self-described musical omnivore hailing from Rome, Italy, Stefano has been in bands since he was 12. He came across The Who shortly afterwards, becoming a life-long lover of the band.

After moving to the US in 2005, he joined a Who tribute for a first time in 2007; the experience culminated in playing both Tommy and Quadrophenia in their entirety.


The fact that he was looking for a band at the same time that American Who needed a new guitarist is obviously a Sign of Destiny that the world should take very seriously. Slender-ish, balding, graying, unshaven, with a fairly big nose: you know he's got what it takes to be Pete!


American WHO presents two new Showcase Experiences!

American WHO Lost At Leeds

The American WHO presents Lost At Leeds is a 90 -120 minute recreation of the youthful WHO playing the music from 1965 - 1970 including such classic albums as Tommy, Live At Leeds, The Who Sell Out and the many singles of the day!

American WHO Teenage Wasteland

AmWHO_classic3 copy_edited_edited.png

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American WHO: Teenage Wasteland takes on the powerful lineage of material from 1971 with Who's Next through 1982's Its Hard

January, 11 2022