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John 'Sven' Songdahl

Keyboards, vocals, recording engineer

John Songdahl, a.k.a 'Sven Musicdorph' was born in Upstate New York, and spent the first 10 years of his life living in different parts of the country. I think he was running from the Law but its never been confirmed. After hiding out for a few years, Sven was raised in in Central Massachusetts where he spent his days herding sheep and drinking moonshine. OK, I made that last part up. About the sheep and the moonshine.

After years of playing in marching bands, orchestras, and various musical combos (He's an accomplished trombonist), Sven became obsessed with synthesizers and his voyage into music deepened. John attended Berklee College of Music where he became engrossed in Progressive Rock and New Wave, and played in several bands before forming the original band Electric Toys, a band that was part of the seminal 80’s Boston rock scene.

While still at Berklee, John also played with New Orleans rock band The Red Rockers, and toured the US as the opening act for U2 during their Unforgettable Fire tour. John also owns and operates a recording studio, and has worked with artists including Peter Wolf, Jules Shear, The Hooters, Aimee Mann, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Melanie, and many local Boston acts.

He occasionally hangs out with Snoop and Al Kooper, although not at the same time.


John 'Sven' Songdahl