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Parallel Lines

David Erin Wilson

Lead Vox, Founder

DW started his first band NOVA with some friends in Greensboro NC when he was about 14. They played all original music and had harmonies much like The Beatles. Later after High School he played in a popular rock gig called The South Park Band and cut his teeth in biker bars.

After escaping from NC in the middle of the night for reasons best left unsaid, he moved to PA living in Lancaster County where he met a group of Prog/Improv based musicians called Animation and joined as their vocalist ultimately moving to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music in the late 1980s.Interestingly enough, DW originally intended to study guitar at Bzerklee but ended up setting his hand on fire on his last day of work arriving to Boston, hand bandaged and strapped to his chest. With guitar not being an option he majored in Vocal Performance.

At Berklee, DW met John Nicholson and began singing in Nicholson's band Kneeling On Rice up until about 1988 when DW quit playing professional music, having determined he was tired of living in bars. DW also met John Songdahl at Berklee but the two did not play together until John joined The American WHO in 2012. AmWHO was founded by dw, John Nicholson, Pete Cassani of The Peasants, and David J Lieb , who plays with every band in New England.

David Erin Wilson
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