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Parallel Lines

Tom Reid

Bass, Resident Ox

He even went to Woodstock, not because he had any idea it would become the central cultural metaphor for his generation, but simply because it was another chance to see the Who.Inspired by Keith Moon’s joyful exuberance,

Tom played drums in bands throughout the 1970s. He made friends with filmmakers Jeff and Kevin Stein, lending them some 8mm home movies he had filmed of Who concerts, for which they kindly thanked him in the credits of their documentary “The Kids Are Alright.” When Keith Moon died, Tom wrote an obituary focusing on Moon’s drumming style for “Who’s News, the Who fan magazine, called “The Best Keith Moon-Type Drummer in the World.”

By the 1980s, Tom had moved to Boston, where he worked as a video producer, educational TV director and musician. Switching from drums to bass guitar, he played in legendary clubs like the Rat, the Channel and the Paradise, with semi-legendary bands like Angry Young Bees, the Ironics, and Mr. Curt’s Camaraderie.

One fateful day in early 2018, he saw an ad asking Can you play like Thunderfingers?” Now Tom finds himself very happy to be on stage with the inspired, spirited musicians of the American WHO, playing songs he never gets tired of - even though he’s probably been listening to them longer than you’ve been alive!

Long Live Rock!

Tom Reid
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