Absolutely amazing whether you’re a wholigan like myself or a casual fan of The Who, treat yourself to a great night of music! Long Live Rock!

- New Fan from Twin Rivers Casino


The singer sounds just like Daltrey and the band totally rocks.

- New fan from Scoreboard

Stage Mist

While only occasionally destroying vintage instruments, this celebration of The Who prides itself on authenticity. In addition to reproducing the British band’s classic vocals on stage, The American WHO Sensation rocks with the same power that thrilled fans in the ’70s.

- Boston Globe Magazine: 
Six Local Tribute Bands Worth Checking Out.

Stage in Lights

The addition of the two shows... Lost AT Leeds and Teenage Wasteland are outstanding!

Never before have I seen a tribute work so hard to engage their audience. They keep them dancing, singing, and rocking it out!

- John from Chop Shop

On Air Sign

As a local promoter who sees many many bands I can say that this Who tribute has no equals. Hands down the best Who tribute I have seen. We are lucky to have them in the area. Go see them, I promise you that if the who is your thing, you will be blown away.

- Roving Recordings